5 Easy Steps To Cure Your Hangover

Hangover Cure

We know, you may be reading this because you may have had one-too-many drinks last night, or experienced a hangover that left you a mess the next day. Check out these 5 steps to help your hangover. 


1. One More Sip...

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drinking alcohol the night before dehydrates you, that is why you might find yourself going to the bathroom frequently during your night out. Start your day by at least drinking 32oz of water (slowly so you don't upset your stomach) to make sure you are rehydrating in order to reduce the symptoms that may include a headache, fogginess, or an upset stomach. 

TIP: Try drinking a glass of water between drinks during your night out (ask for a lemon in it and everyone will think its a vodka water! Promise, we won't tell) 

2.  Carbs Are Your Friend 

A lot of people find that when they drink, sometimes they forget to eat enough to "soak up the liquor". This may mean that you have low blood sugar levels making you feel even worse. Go treat yourself to a nice breakfast, or at least a little bread. You deserve it. 

3. Cup Of Joe

Work the next day? Try a classic cup of coffee. Caffeine doesn't help cure your hangover, but it does help in giving you an energy boost to get through your day and to fight through some of the fogginess that the alcohol may have caused. 

4. NOT TYLENOL..Seriously. 

You are hanging over the side of your bed, and someone offers you some Tylenol  trying to help. SAY NO! If you still have some alcohol in your system, it could cause your stomach to be even more upset. Do try to take a pain reliever such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen. 


5. Skip the Sports drinks, Try CYOH: Cure Your Own Hangover

Try CYOH to help cure your hangover caused by dehydration due to drinking. CYOH is packed with the perfect balance of electrolytes, vitamins, and DHM* that helps metabolize alcohol from your liver faster as well as providing liver support. A healthy, safe, and tasty alternative with zero calories that actually helps.