Is that extra cup of coffee actually helping? Beat the Mid Day Slump

How to Have More Energy

Have you ever gone to work and still felt exhausted around 2-3pm even with coffee in your system? 


There are several factors that may go into this, such as a restless night or that neighbors dog who just wouldn't stop barking through the night. Whatever reason, you are just trying to have a productive day but that tired and groggy feeling is looming over you. 

Your first line of defense, get another cup of coffee. What I am here to tell you, is don't reach for that extra cup! More caffeine will only dehydrate you more, and dehydration can be causing you to be even more tired. That is why sometimes you may get a quick burst of energy, but it may only last for an hour or two. 

Instead, Try CYOH in the middle of your day or at lunch to help multiply your hydration and provide your body with all the vitamins and electrolytes to function better without having to drink a whole gallon of water in one sitting for the same effect.